Dining in Fort Lauderdale

One of the best things about travelling to new places and experiencing new things is getting to try all types of food! Fort Lauderdale has a vibrant food scene with plenty of great restaurants to explore for any visitors. Here are a few of our recommendations for the next time you’re visiting South Florida. 

Tinta & Lona

With a fantastic beach view from the wide-open doorway and open-air patio, Tinta is a great breakfast spot for those looking to also enjoy the salty sea air. Tinta serves breakfast with a modern Mexican influence. Chef Pablo Salas has been working to bring the food of his childhood to Fort Lauderdale. You’ll find the breakfast and brunch favorites you know with a masterful latin twist courtesy of Chef Salas. Tinta is located at his Lona restaurant and is served from 7 am to 11 am on the weekdays and 7 am to 11:30 am on the weekends. Make sure you take time for a wonderful breakfast or brunch while gazing out over the Atlantic Ocean. 

If you’re looking for a later meal, you can still enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner with the same beautiful view. You’ll find delicious Mexican cuisine infused with the creativity of Chef Salas such as their fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, and more. Make sure to look out for their Taco Tuesdays and Happy Hours as well for a great time.

Louie Bossi’s

If you’re looking for a great Italian meal, then consider checking out Louie Bossi’s. With locations both in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, this classic Italian spot is perfect for those looking for a nice family restaurant or even a romantic evening dinner. Chef Louie Bossi moved to Florida in 2000 and worked his way up through the industry to where he is now, and Chef Lisabet Summa is a master of pastry and chocolate making. The Italian menu is full of their years of experience with perfectly crafted charcuterie boards, masterful pizza, Italian dishes, and delectable desserts. Make sure not to miss out the next time you visit Fort Lauderdale.

Dar Tajine

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary from an everyday meal, then consider visiting Dar Tajine, a fantastic Moroccan/Middle Eastern restaurant on Sunrise Boulevard. A smaller family-owned restaurant, Dar Tajine brings you all the flavors of Morocco that you’ll never want to stop eating! Delicious lamb shanks, homemade bread, and other staples of Moroccan food culture. The décor itself is wonderful, and will make you feel like you’ve transported yourself to the Mediterranean! 

Chima Steakhouse

Located near the drawbridge on Las Olas Boulevard, Chima Steahouse is the Brazillian Steakhouse of your dreams. Servers come to you at your table to offer you the various meats that have been seasoned and cooked to perfection. With over 15 rotisserie meats you’ll find sirloin, filet, pork, chicken, fish, and more. You will be able to select whichever you want and fill your plate high or sample a little bit of everything. Afterwards, enjoy one of their fantastic deserts like the lava cake, crème brulee, or even a coconut delight.